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Why your healthy food is packing on the pounds
The ultimate guide to understanding why your food choices are keeping you stuck, and how to fix it. 

It sucks when you feel like you’re eating healthy food, but you really just ate the calorie equivalent of 3 cheeseburgers.

It’s difficult to understand ingredients, and what all the fancy marketing of “health food” actually means.

This guide will help you to finally master your nutrition and understand what you're really eating so that you can figure out why you’re gaining weight despite eating healthy.

Here's The Shocker...

There are over 60 names for hidden sugar.

Eating healthy doesn't automatically = weight loss.

Calorie-free doesn't always mean calorie-free.

Why You Need This...

  One of the most common complaints I get from new clients is that they’re eating healthy, and not losing weight… or worse, they’re gaining weight.

There are 2 reasons for this:

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You're letting the food industry dictate which food is “healthy” based on marketing that is usually false.

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You're choosing healthier foods, BUT eating way too many calories.

I’m going to show you exactly why your “healthy” diet is keeping you stuck and how to master your nutrition so you start seeing the results you desperately want.

This Guide Will...

Show you what buzzwords on food labels REALLY mean, and bust the myths you believe are true.

Teach you why your healthy choices could be packing on the pounds

(just because a food has cauliflower doesn't make it the best choice.)


Show you how you’re sabotaging your weight loss, and how to stop that.

I’m breaking it all down for you.

Download your copy of "Why your healthy food is packing on the pounds"

Nina Baez Coaching

I’m Nina. I’ve been a coach for 8 years, and I’ve helped hundreds of women to quit dieting, better understand nutrition, create a healthier lifestyle, and still enjoy the foods they love.


I was once in your shoes, buying all the walden farms “calorie-free” syrup I could find, drinking chemical-filled “fat free/sugar free” coffee creamer by the cup, and assuming anything that contains cauliflower was a healthy food. I ate almonds by the handful for a healthy snack, but I was actually consuming more calories than 3 slices of pizza, and yet couldn’t figure out why the weight wasn’t coming off.


I’m breaking down the “health food” mystery for you.


Get ready to be a master of your nutrition! 


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Download Your FREE Guide Here

Nina Baez Free Food Guide

See what Nicole is saying about learning to master her nutrition and understand sneaky food marketing. She is fueling her body properly, with the occasional pizza and chips thrown in because we always focus on balance, not restriction!

Nina Baez Coaching Testimonial

“Before working with Nina I thought I had a basic knowledge of what food was healthy & not so healthy. Nina has taught me how to truly understand what a food label means. I was drawn to items that had words like “sugar-free and fat-free,” and I didn’t look beyond that info.


The past three months I have been private coaching with Nina, and I have learned what foods are truly beneficial to me. Now I spend time in the supermarket looking at the nutrition and the ingredients. I am much more conscious of serving sizes as well!”

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