I’ve spent endless hours researching fad diets and crazy workout programs, convincing myself that unsustainable methods were the only way to see fat loss.

I’ve done the juice cleanses the no-carb diets and the meal replacements. I lost some weight with those but gained even more back.


I was miserable. I felt ashamed of my body. I knew I wanted to be healthy, but everything I was doing was UNHEALTHY.


When I finally stopped dieting, I saw results. I chose to focus on being healthy rather than being skinny. I stopped telling myself I couldn’t eat “bad foods.”


I found ways to move my body that I enjoyed, so that exercise didn’t feel like such a chore.


As a certified mindset, nutrition, and fitness coach, I’ve not only been where you are, but I’ve helped women since 2013 to reclaim their own body & get the results they want while living a life that they love.

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