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If you’re tired of feeling bullied by the scale & bouncing between the latest fitness and diet trend, this program is for you.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

Nina Baez Nutrition

Get dressed in the morning and feel good in your clothes?

Order Take out or go out to eat without watching your friends and family eat the “bad foods” that you can’t have?

Feel confident in front of your significant other?

Eat a donut without turning a craving into a binge?

Stop dreading workouts and start enjoying moving your body in ways that feel good?

Go to bed without feeling hungry for the sake of losing weight?

What if every diet rule you’ve ever believed was wrong?
What if you could go out to eat, enjoy food, and never feel deprived?
What if ignoring your hunger cues was actually stopping you from losing fat?
Your lack of results is not because of your genetics.
Your body isn’t broken.


It’s your thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.


I’ll show you why all the diets you’ve tried in the past haven’t worked, and give you the tools you need to never have to diet again.


I’ll teach you how to enjoy moving your body rather than dreading your workouts. 


If you’re tired of the cycle of exercising too much, eating too little, gaining and losing the same 15 pounds, and you are ready to take ownership over your body and mind, then coaching is for you!


What if you stop letting the scale determine your self-worth?

You don’t have to stay stuck in an endless cycle that doesn’t get you results.


I have battled my own thoughts and unrealistic expectations when it comes to weight loss or healthier choices. I want results immediately.


I have looked for quick ways to lose weight, but the only thing that has worked is Nina’s program. I have made so much progress with my mindset & my goals. I know that I’ll never need to resort to a quick fix again.


If anyone is considering a lifestyle change, Nina will guide you every step of the way.


Nina has taught me so much since I have started working with her and I couldn’t be more thankful.


She has taught me that I don’t need to be afraid of food. I can live a healthy lifestyle and reach my goals while still enjoying life. Nina has forever changed my view on food and fitness.


Her plans are realistic & sustainable. She is simply the best!


I love being able to eat real food while still losing inches. I’m so happy that I don’t have to cut out food groups to see results.


I’m looking and feeling more like the healthy woman I knew I could get back to. Working out is a joy and not a task or chore. It’s not something I do because I ate too much or hate my body, but because I accomplish something I enjoy and is good for my health!


Thank you Nina, you’re a life saver!


Coaching with Nina includes:

Current habit assessment and creating achievable goals that fit your lifestyle.


Identifying and mastering mental triggers around food, weight, and exercise.


In-depth nutritional support, review & education for optimal transformation both physically & mentally.

Customized workout program.

Weekly check-ins and feedback for the ultimate accountability.

One private coaching call with Nina each month.

Private messaging access with Nina.


Access to an exclusive client app.


GIVING UP diets for good!

Working together is right for you if...

You're ready to stop letting the scale determine your self-worth.


You’re tired of shaming yourself & your body.


You don’t want to give up any foods or struggle with food anxiety.


You’re ready to stop “restarting” your diet every Monday.


You're ready to lose fat and inches without being hungry or miserable.


You're ready to create sustainable lifelong habits.

You long for support, compassion, & accountability.


You're ready to never resort to another quick-fix diet again.

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