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You’re invited to join this FREE 

3 day VIP coaching experience with Nina!

Nina Baez Coaching

What if you could lose fat without giving up happy hour or Sunday brunch?

Give me less than 30 minutes a day for 3 days and you’ll learn why you need to break-up with diets for good if you really want to lose fat, and keep it off.

It’s 100% free to join.

You’ve tried meal replacement diets & cutting out food. 

You feel guilty when you eat something “bad."

The thought of ordering takeout makes you panic.

Maybe you lost weight from depriving yourself…but the results didn’t last.

Food freedom sounds too good to be true, and you’re not really sure what that even means.

During the FREE 3 Day Food Freedom for Fat Loss challenge we are going to cover…

The super simple nutrition hack you’ve never tried. If the thought of tracking macros makes you sweat (or even if you secretly like it) you definitely want to learn this.

How to eat what you like, go to restaurants without sabotaging your results, and feel at peace with your food choices.

What it takes to achieve true food freedom, so you can start seeing results and stop being miserable.

What's Included...

Exclusive App Access

 Access to my exclusive app with done-for-you workouts so that you can stop guessing what you should *actually* be doing.

Nutrition coaching like you've never experienced

This will be announced day 1 of the challenge, and you DO NOT want to miss this.
You've likely never seen a simple nutrition tracking method like this before!


 DAILY videos unlocking the secrets to food freedom, and why it’s the best approach for fat loss.

Group Coaching

 3 days of group coaching support on Facebook, so you can experience the community & accountability you’re missing (if you don’t have Facebook you still get access through the app.)


A bonus guide with your exact blueprint for restaurant eating so you can stop skipping out on your social life & ditch those boring salads you think you have to order.

Let me say this again… it’s 100% free to join.

What are you waiting for?

Hi, I’m Nina!

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve done the juice cleanses, no-carb diets, and meal replacements. If I even lost weight, I gained more back because nothing was sustainable.

When I finally learned what food freedom really means and stopped searching for a quick fix, I saw the results I always wanted. Since 2013 I’ve helped hundreds of clients quit the diet cycle & have lasting success.

I want to help you, too! What are you waiting for?

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Food Freedom for Fat Loss Challenge!

Nina Baez Coaching
Nina Baez Coaching
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